Mission & Vision

The Mission

Restoring True Humanity

How do you fix a broken human?
You help them to return to normal operation.

What is normal for a human?
Being near God.

Humanity’s rehumanisation is directly connected to their relationship with God. When they are distant they wither, but when they are close, they flourish and live into who he made them to be.

The Vision

A community of restored people who know God, know who they are,
and flourish as the live into God's story.

When it comes to the restoration of humanity,  community is critical.

This is the way God designed it. You weren’t made to become truly human on your own. No-one was. You need God and his family to help out.

God’s family helps us know God, know ourselves, and know our place in God’s epic story. Our flourishing as we live into his story is the evidence of the restoration of our true humanity. 

What Matters To Us

God and Humanity

We value the person of God, the personhood of God, the personhood of humanity, and the personal relationship between God and humanity as key ingredients of the restoration of humanity.

God's Grace

We value the precise application of God’s grace to the details of life.

Deep and Practical Theology

We value theology which is both deep and practical.

Relational Worshippers

We value a biblical anthropological approach to understanding what it means to be human – we are unceasing relational worshippers.

Relationally Rich Ministry

We value ministry practices which are relationally rich.

The value of all people

We value every member of the church and feel a responsibility to shepherd and lead them no matter their age.

Honesty and Wisdom

We value honesty and wisdom in relationships.

Evangelestic Mission

We value God’s plan to restore humanity as a powerful motivator and contagion for evangelistic mission.

Ongoing Personal Growth

We value ongoing personal growth over the entire life span.

Personal Ministry

We value the personal ministry of God’s family, one to another, as the context in which humanity is restored.

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