Who Is Restoration Church?

Restoration Church is a community of people who are on a mission to restore humanity. We agree with almost everyone everywhere that humanity is broken and needs help. We have all become less than we were created to be.  

And while we agree that humanity has a problem, we differ from many others on exactly what the problem is and how you fix it. To have clarity on those, you need to know how humanity was originally created and how they are meant to work. Get that right and you will be well-positioned to bring restoration to broken humans.
At Restoration Church, we take our lead from what God has revealed in the Bible about how he made humanity to operate. And it has everything to do with orientation and proximity to Jesus. When people are relationally close to him, they come alive, and when they are distant from him, they die. No one is exempt from this dynamic.

If you visit or decide to become part of Restoration Church, you will find out that we haven’t made it, and we aren’t experts (you won’t have to be with us too long to work that out). But we do know the one who can fix broken humans, the one we were all made for in the beginning – Jesus Christ. He is the one who makes us all go.

We are a church filled with people in need of restoration, helping a world in need of restoration.
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