Restore Groups &
The broader church

How to join us.

Restore Groups have been part of the DNA for Restoration Church for just shy of a decade. Over that time we have seen this ministry become a truly effective way of seeing God's grace mapped onto the details of people's lives. We have spent many years focusing on developing a fruitful, encouraging ministry that endeavours to see God's people draw nearer to Him - seeing Him, themselves and others more clearly in the process. We talk often about our union and communion with Christ, and this is truly a heartbeat of the Restore Groups ministry. 
Having seen time and time again the mighty work that God has done through this ministry, our hope is that Restore Groups would be a blessing to the broader church. Because of this, there are two ways we offer to provide the opportunity to participate in this ministry to those who belong to congregations outside of Restoration Church.

You can find out more below. 

Restore Groups Intensive

Once a year Restoration Church hosts a Restore Groups Intensive which is open to individuals from any church to attend. An Intensive provides the usual ministry rhythms, however rather than covering a period of 9 weeks an Intensive lasts for 3.5 days.

Joining an Intensive is perfect if you are looking to participate in a Restore Group for personal growth and do not have Restore Groups in your local church. They are also a great way to participate in the ministry if you are interested in potentially licensing your church for Restore Groups in the future.

Our heart for participants of an Intensive is that they would find life-changing grace and richer communion with Christ.

Restore Groups Licensing

Restoration Church is committed to training, equipping and supporting churches to run Restore Groups within their local congregational context.

We provide training, assessments, materials, supervision and support to churches and church leaders who would like to see Restore Groups run and be implemented locally.

If you are a church leader who is interested in seeing whether or not Restore Groups would fit within your broader ministry context we invite you to contact us to find out more.